After two years, Local Lit @ Lotta ended with a virtual event on June 23, 2020. We are no longer seeking submissions but leave this page online as a record of what we achieved as a local literary community.

~Rebekah Fraser,  December 1, 2020

Call for Authors:

Local Lit @ Lotta is a bi-monthly literary reading series by and for Greater New Haven area authors. We seek short works of fiction, creative non-fiction, and memoir to be read aloud.

Hear your work. Get feedback from a general audience (under the guidance of a moderator).  Connect with other local authors and fans of literature.


  • minimum 500 words, maximum 6,000 words.
  • Fiction, Creative non-fiction, or Memoir only (we do not accept poetry, scripts, articles or other forms or genres).
  • Prior publication is not necessary.  You may submit pieces that have been published or that have not been published.
  • Greater New Haven area authors only.
  • Rolling deadlines – submit anytime.
  • Please note these formatting essentials: *Save your document as Title-LastName-Wordcount.pdf, for example: AFarewellToArmsExcerpt-Hemingway-1500.pdf   We will not accept other file formats. If you submit your story in any other format, we will not read it.
    *Standard 12 pt font.
    *Double spaced
    *Word count at the top of the 1st page, next to the title
    *Your name and title in the header.
    *Page numbers in the footer.
  • Please include a 50-word artists’ bio in the body of your email.
  • Due to time constraints and limited staffing, we can only consider your submission if you follow the guidelines above and submit your document in .pdf format.

We are no longer accepting submissions.

Thank you for your interest.