Call for Authors:

Now in its second year, Local Lit @ Lotta is a bi-monthly literary reading series by and for Greater New Haven area authors.

We seek short works of fiction, creative non-fiction, and memoir to be read aloud.

Hear your work. Get feedback from a general audience (under the guidance of a moderator).  Connect with other local authors and fans of literature.


  • minimum 500 words, maximum 6,000 words.
  • Fiction, Creative non-fiction, or Memoir only (we do not accept poetry, scripts, articles or other forms or genres).
  • Prior publication is not necessary.  You may submit pieces that have been published or that have not been published.
  • Greater New Haven area authors only.
  • Rolling deadlines – submit anytime.
  • Please note these formatting essentials: *Save your document as Title-LastName-Wordcount.pdf, for example: AFarewellToArmsExcerpt-Hemingway-1500.pdf   We will not accept other file formats. If you submit your story in any other format, we will not read it.
    *Standard 12 pt font.
    *Double spaced
    *Word count at the top of the 1st page, next to the title
    *Your name and title in the header.
    *Page numbers in the footer.
  • Please include a 50-word artists’ bio in the body of your email.
  • Due to time constraints and limited staffing, we can only consider your submission if you follow the guidelines above and submit your document in .pdf format.

Send your submission to